DJ Tom

dj_tomTom is the visionary behind DJs and whose talents represent over 20 years of the Emcee and Disc Jockey profession. Tom spent many years in event planning behind the scenes putting together lavish weddings, banquets, balls and other types of celebrations. During those years, Tom saw first hand how important the right music at the right time can make or break any occasion. Tom also recognized that the master of ceremonies or Emcee, was also a huge determining factor over of quality experience and guest satisfaction at these events. Although this was largely true, it was also one of the most overlooked considerations over food selection of even centerpieces.  Tom, decided to focus his heart and energy into his passion of being a DJ with a new focus, to give people memories not songs. Tom set out to help people make better choices for music and personality on the most important days of their lives. Tom once said, “The music is the soundtrack of any event. If it wasn’t, we could play the The National Anthem for the grand entrance of the wedding party and no one would notice. But believe me, They would notice.” Tom has made it a point to craft the perfect balance of entertainment and ambiance for the events at which he performs with style, confidence and above all else the experience necessary to make it a memorable time for everyone. Tom named his company ProDJs for a reason. It’s too important to not have a PROfessional DJ.